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Lia Ginno

Childrens author of magic & adventure.

About Me

I was born in London too far back to remember.  I love children - but can’t eat a whole one……well, unless they’re coated in chocolate, then I might manage it  - and I have worked for most of my life with kids. My writing and stories are a family affair; write what you know, so the advice goes, so I have my five grandchildren often.   I like to watch and observe them and their games, along with their mates and are often the basis to my characters.

They are all brilliant, cool and wicked. I adore their language.  Oh, bubbling blackberries…doesn’t that just roll off your tongue!  One of my grandsons says this, instead of swearing!  They are also my experts and I consult them regularly and pluck their brains for inspiration.  My eldest grandson had the idea on how to finish my Legends trilogy!



My two daughters while I’m having ‘fun’ with my grandchildren nearly always tell me off!  I do things that cause a mess and give them crazy ideas, apparently; or I give in to them too much, “But they are only learning,” I protest.

    “So what about all the chocolate you give them….”

    “Er.” I reply, “chocolate is good for you, it has been proved scientifically.”  Of course, it does have to be dark chocolate, but we’re not fussy, any coloured chocolate will do.


And how about daydreaming…Dilly Daydream, was what my parents called me, but oh it is such a workable excuse; try it.  It’s best to pretend you are thinking about a story…after all you have to go with the moment, the idea and flow, don’t you?  I can get away with anything then, housework, cooking…all those boring things you have to do in life unless you are a writer!  







My grandkids are catching on quick! They’re such smarty-pants.  If I ask them to do something, they are usually busy writing…or thinking about writing some story.... even when they are playing games on the Wii. laptop or whatever…it helps their ideas.  Yeah right!  However, my ten-year-old  middle granddaughter’s stories are awesome, she has an incredible imagination.   She also corrects and suggests how to improve my stories…at only ten, ten! I am thinking about quitting.   And she has had THREE stories published already!  


I hope she continues writing into later life with a gift like hers I would hate her to waste it.  My eldest granddaughter wrote wicked poems at her age and stories, and her artwork is fantastic, very intricate but doesn’t do any of it anymore, which is sad.   Then there is my six- year- old, she writes stories too; well that is she writes a few lines then dictates, and I write what she tells me, then she does the pictures. They feature her latest fixation; fairies and princesses at the moment - but the words she uses and the way she expresses herself is magic.  


The other thing I do now that I’m ‘retired’ is workshops.  I don’t know who invented that word; it puts you right off, don’t you think?  Anyhow, I visit schools and libraries promoting creative writing with myths and legends and I like to encourage friendship and understanding with interactive workshops too.  I do it through craft activities, games, and writing in a fun way.  After all, I am a storytelling witch, but don’t worry… I rarely use spells on anyone, mostly because they don’t work.  However, I have got a new wand!!


In sunny Spain on holiday, where I do lots of my writing.

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My three creative grandaughters


A magic moment