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Lia Ginno

Childrens author of magic & adventure.

Amy is about to celebrate her ninth birthday. She is a dreamer with an awe-inspiring imagination and has a desire to be a detective when she grows up.  A series of puzzling and spooky things start to happen at her school, and she decides this is her chance to ‘practice’ working out clues and is determined to unlock the mystery.  With the help of her best friends Sam and Charlie, they are drawn into the haunting darkness of a secret.

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Katelin is just another thirteen-year old Peruvian girl with her fair share of problems, however these are no ordinary troubles of a teenager. When a family member goes missing, magic and myth unlock ancient mysteries and Katelin with her brother Calum find themselves caught up in a desperate struggle against an evil wizard who wants the Inca crystals and their power. In a battle to save our dimension they both become aware of the danger and that it is no longer a game – could their fears mean our world will be lost?

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Inca Crystals


LEGENDS, Katelin and Calum, both embark on another fantastic adventure when dolphins call them deep into the Amazon rainforest.

An archaeologist unaware of its catastrophic powers has stolen a crystal skull. Racing to the rescue, the children encounter a sinister plot to exploit the rainforest’ legendary black orchid.

In a pursuit against time to find the skull and save the orchids, Katelin and Calum are swept into a dangerous world of spiritual beings, pink dolphins and a mysterious tribe of female warriors who are protecting biblical artefacts.

Rainforest Orchid


Nanny's Babysitting Adventures




The Bible Code Quest

For younger readers 7 - 10

The Gallant Three

gallant three bible code quest

For younger readers 5-9

Amazon Water Stones nannys babysitting adventures

Hands up all those who have weird Nannies? Nanny loves all her grandchildren like all good Grandma’s, but she has always fancied herself as a witch.  The problem is has her grandchildren inherited her magic or were they spellbound by her enchantment?  Was she making sure the next generation would have some of her magic?  What was she teaching them?….

Four stories that capture the imagination of children with jokes and activities.


For 8 years +

If you were an alien visiting Earth, where would you leave a message?





Katelin and Calum are on a quest that will blow your mind, as they challenge the deadliest alien in the universe, an immortal angel with physical and mental abilities beyond belief.  With powers so vast, he cares little for humanity.  Can anyone be trusted?……

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For those who dare! Ages 3-10 years


A crocodile with a smile, a pig doing a jig, Joe the crow and  Mummy cat that has lost her hat. Then there is the three mean bears. Plus ideas for games.



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