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Lia Ginno

Childrens author of magic & adventure.


  •                    Launched at Newark Castle where King John died    







  • Magna Carta is one of Britain’s most important historical documents and a symbol of our national values.

Ex Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to use the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, as an opportunity for every child to learn about “the foundation of all our laws and principles” in schools.

  • He said, 'The Magna Carta was part of British values and helped define us as a society.'



colour cover with credits C B-T MAGNA CARTA  4 B-T MAGNA CARTA Q AND A 3

What's the king of the classroom?

A ruler.


For  PRIMARY school children.   TRUE facts with fun.

A factual, comical book with illustrations about King John and the Magna Carta, with jokes and activties.

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Lincoln castle. books at the castle


castle from toilet rolls.  magna carta


The event, which has been organised by Paul Trickett in partnership with Newark and Sherwood District Council, will be held today and tomorrow.


Visitors will be able to meet authors including, Eva Schloss, Margaret Dickinson and Stephen Booth. Throughout the weekend there will also be talks given by some of the authors.


There will be many stalls inviting children to take part in activities and workshops based around a variety of books.


This morning Eva Schloss gave a talk about her books. This afternoon people can listen to a talk entitled, Afternoon Tea given by Margaret Dickinson at 2.30pm, followed by Crime Special by Stephen Booth and Peter Robinson from 4pm to 6pm.


Lia Ginno from Lincoln was there to promote her latest children's book called, Magna Carta, which will be introduced in schools as part of the national curriculum.



Newark Advertiser -  "Keen readers flocked to Newark Castle for the town's first book festival"

me magna carta


The cold chicken leg went flying across the room, skidding over the stone floor, leaving a glistening slick mark of fat.


“What rubbish is that? Cold leftovers!  Urgh!” yelled King John, throwing off his fur cloak that had hung around his neck like a dead skunk (and just as smelly)





Phew! Smelly..................




Page 13

Ever since then, the king had been trying to get his land back, but he was hopeless at fighting and lost most of the battles.


                                        (Which way up does this map go?)






Lincoln Castle is the only place in the world that has BOTH the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest.

C B-T MAGNA CARTA  6 BW  P4 mouse mc

Make a castle from toilet and kitchen rolls for your pencils, pens, glue and bits and bobs.


You will need:

4 Kitchen rolls for turrets

4 toilet rolls for the inside

Glue paint felt tips

Shoe box lid


Paint all the turrets then  draw windows and blocks at the top to look like top of castle on the tall turrets in black pen.

Cut from  cereal packet the gate and paint.

Cut two or more lenths (size of thumb) of thick card. Wrap around your thumb and glue or seletape. These are your soldiers/knights draw faces and decorate with felt tips. Cut out tiny shields and design your own family coat of arms.

Get a lid of shoe box, paint and use for base. Fill with your things.

mouse mc mouse mc arms of king jojn

           King John's coat of arms