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Lia Ginno

Childrens author of magic & adventure.

Books of Magical Adventures

The Legends Trilogy -

The LEGENDS and the Inca Crystals    (book 1)


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A book that should be read by those interested in people having unusual abilities and it makes you believe in the unexplainable. All though this is the author's first book I am sure she will do another. It is as good, better ( and less complicated) than good old Harry! Who else has read it and what do you think?

It tells of a teenager who has not met her Father since little and feels unloved by him. Very emotive! But after she meets him and her new family her heart starts mending. Of course, she has a great Mum and Grandparents - you look at the older generation differently. The story itself slowly develops - but each chapter keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens next. It is set in Cornwall a place that is real compared to Hogwarts, in fact, the whole book is an exciting fairytale but in the real world. Most books like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc. are set in 'magic lands' this one is not and it makes a great change. When I next visit Cornwall, I intend to look up these mystical places.

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We enjoyed this detective mystery with its distinctive characters. Amy is a determined girl used to getting her way since she became deaf after an illness, and this shines through the first person narration. Her friend Charlie (short for Chadna) is in a wheelchair and Sam is bullied for being chubby: this book aims to put children with disabilities into the heart of the action and manages to do so successfully without tokenism. The suggested reading age is 7 – 10 and my 9- year- old daughter felt that the story was exciting. We gave it a Families rating of 5 out of 6.


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The LEGENDS and the Inca crystals  Book 1 0f the LEGENDS TRILOGY

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The LEGENDS and the Inca crystals - ''This story contains all the elements required to make it successful and appeal to children; exploring childrens emotions, family ties and relationships with influential grandparents and of course a good plot. Magic, flying horses, troll and transporting through a laptop!''

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